When Life Turns

Life has been crazy lately. My computer needed updating and being so very computer savvy, I lost all of my bookmarks. I could not find my blogger address even searching for it!

For the last 5 weeks, Joy and I have been living in Waltham, MA, a community outside Boston. Our reason for being here needs explanation, but not one I am going to expound upon this evening. For now, I am merely trying to get back into blogging after a computer upgrade caused me to lose all my bookmarks; being the computer whiz I am, that means the sight was lost to me for some time. I really need a secretary to keep computer things in order for me.

Tonight, as the clock ticks towards 1 a.m. I am thinking about home. I am thinking how blessed I am to have a home, a family, and the daily provisions that Jesus taught us to pray for – our daily bread. Food and raiment, that was all he emphasized we needed.

I am also thinking about all of those who lose their homes, or worse, loved ones, in the terrible floods in Tennessee, or the recent mine disaster. I am thinking of a world barraged with bad news, hopelessness and despair. I am thinking about how only hope in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, can grant us peace. I am thinking about the unscriptural teachings that claim if we have enough “faith” we will not suffer loss, traumas or devastation; and the hurtful effects of lack of empathy, compassion, understanding and grace combined with the total lack of understanding the nature of God and his ultimate sovereignty that goes along with that thinking.

I am wishing I could do something right now to ease the pain of the mother who witnessed her daughter and husband swept away by the floods in Tennessee. I desire to do crisis response work, but my work is here now. So, I do what I can – I pray to the God of all comfort to be with those who mourn, and to send those who understand the character and nature of Christ into the midst of those who suffer. Will you pray with me?

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