Being Foolish Enough to Believe I Can Make a Difference/ Raising Funds for Haiti

May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships – so that you may live deep within your heart.

May God bless you with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people – so that you may work for justice, freedom, and peace.

May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer pain, rejection, hunger and war – so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and to turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in the world – so that you can do what others claim cannot be done, to bring justice and kindness to all our children and the poor.
(Franciscan Benediction)

While reading I came across this Franciscan Benediction and I was completely, utterly, owned by it.(To quote today’s younger generation) It is the attitude that God has been using to compel me into action for many years – and lately through nights of weeping and wrestling with Him. 

I can’t say I have seen a more accurate description of how I feel as God breaks my heart for others.

I  (Dave and I) am known for transparency, much to the chagrin of my family at times, so I have never been inclined to desire superficial relationships. As a matter of fact, though people perceive me as outgoing and confident, I lack confidence with people I do not know, and long for deep, one one one, REAL relationships. Without that, I feel awkward – like a ship out of water. I think that is why I am suited for grief and trauma work – I want to know and feel the persons pain –  not just hear it. 

I have tried to, “live deep within my heart and my family will tell you that I have wept many tears, and sworn off transparency (literally on the swearing part), only to be encouraged by them, and by God, to be real at all costs. Now, after years of brokenness, I am rarely hurt by others as a result of my transparency, but have helped many others to have the freedom to be who there are in my presence, and sometimes among the very ones who previously threatened them. 

Do Justly, Love Mercy- Micah 6:8 – has been our ministry quote for 10 years now (even before we were official) When I learned of the plight of orphans and widows worldwide, and saw the repeated biblical theme of caring for the poor, the orphan and the widow – of social justice and freedom from oppression, a fire was lit within me and an, “anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people – so that [we worked]  for justice, freedom, and peace.”

The result was Samuel,  pictured her in the orphanage before we brought him home; as well as aid to hundreds of orphans and widows in several countries.

Tears – well, all I do is cry. I was SELFISH and generally only cried over MY OWN pain, (and we did have plenty) so God had to keep breaking me- again – and again – and again- and again. He used our pain in my thick head, to give me “tears to shed for those who suffer pain, rejection, hunger and war – so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and to turn their pain into joy.” 

 And, the end  result of that brokenness, is our ministry in grief and trauma work. My cry before God, always before Him, is that in my work, I will be a comfort to them and through the love of Jesus Christ, their pain can turn to joy. 

I do not yet have a PhD, or years of experience in the field, any money for missions work, or a base of supporters; nor do I  know if more than just a few people read these blogs or are moved by them….(so if you are, and you want to comment or become a follower it would bless me)

But I am just “foolish enough to believe that [I] can make a difference in the world and do what others claim cannot be done.” That I can bring some healing and hope to Haiti first, and to all nations by bringing the ministry of Jesus Christ to others in times of great turmoil and distress. 

And Dave is foolish enough to believe with me, and has learned to shed enough tears for others as well. 

So, we step out in faith. Please friends, support us in this ministry. 100% of funds goes directly into meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of  the broken, hurting, people of God’s heart. 

In His Service,

David and Jamie

Dates Are Set – Haiti January 4th, 2011

The dates are set.

We will be traveling to Haiti on January 4, 2011 and staying for 12 days. We will be training pastors and other lay helpers in critical incident stress management techniques (CISM), to enable them to more effectively help the hurting and broken. Depending on how many they want us to train – still to be determined but there are 220 churches – we may bring another team with us.

We will also be ministering personally to those who are struggling in their faith over the destruction of their lives, to aid in their restoration to He who loves them. 

Pray for Haiti – pray for us.

We are in need of financial resources to take donations, printed materials, cost of travel for us, and many other things to minister effectively. Dave’s vacation time will be unpaid as well, and our family and bills need to be cared for in our absence.

In His Service, 

 David and Jamie

In the Wake of Forever – Moving Forward in God’s Will

As a child, many of my summers were spent camping at Rogers Rock campground in Lake George, NY. We had a pop up trailer, and a 16 foot inboard/ outboard motor boat that were both faithfully towed behind Dad’s Mercedes, and Mom’s Volvo. Yes, we were upper middle class and financially stable, but my parents “wealth” cannot be compared to that which David and I possess.

I used to like to sit in the back of the boat where I would yell, “he’s down” when the person who was  water skiing succumbed to the challenges of staying upright, on two, small, pieces of wood. It became my spot – skiers or not. From here, I could watch the wakes flow out and break apart. I would count how long I could see them- and how far.  As the wave became smaller- the calm water increased in the distance until it was like smooth glass as the wake was reabsorbed into its stillness.  I would then focus on the next wave, shrinking again, as the boat pulled away to disappear into the stillness of the lake. 

In John 3:26, the disciples of John the Baptist warned him that, 
“Rabbi, He who was with you beyond the Jordan, to whom you have testified, behold, He is baptizing and all are coming to Him.” 

However, when they told him, John knew Who he served, and understood the purposes of Jesus the Christ. He went to to say,
“A man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from heaven. “You yourselves are my witnesses that I said, ‘I am not the Christ,’ but, ‘I have been sent ahead of Him.’ (v 27,28)

John, like the boat, received all his power from on high. He knew that like the waves in the wake of the boat’s power, he would decrease and eventually be reabsorbed into the peace and stillness of God.

           “He must increase, but I must decrease. (v30)

I  am finally entering into a place in life, where I know what it means to see the turbulence of my life, like the wake of the boat, reabsorbed into the stillness of the calm lake. Dave and I have been through many trials in recent years – some dangerously large waves that were difficult to navigate through, and others, just ripples.  Some will continue throughout our lives as we come alongside our children, as they navigate in the wake of growing in the love and grace of God. Through it all we become what Christ wants us to become, as His intent for our lives is more about conforming us to His image, than it is about where He wants us to go.

We spend so much time looking at the size of the wake, or where it is going, that we miss being reabsorbed into the stillness of God.We are more concerned at times with what God wants us to do, than who he wants us to become. When we let him absorb us into his peace and stillness, we become one, like the lake, and understand what it means as,” I decrease as He increases. ”  That it is what it means to be, conformed to the image of the Son.

In His Service,