Haiti, Hospitals, Home, and Hearts

What can be so important as to keep one from writing in a blog? 
September 4th as my last post. Hmm. Busy beyond belief.

Preparations are well underway. We were just told we could “find at least 300 pastors” wanting our training. They are a mixture of Salvation Army, AG, and Non-Denominational, which really blesses us. The working of Christians together for a common goal – to preach Jesus – crucified, risen and redeeming us.

Due to the fact we are traveling at a time of the year that has an ’embargo’ to the Caribbean, we can only transport 100 lbs. per person, and there are 4 of us traveling at the most = 400 lbs…

What does that you matter you ask? Well, training manuals, bible story, books, pens, pads, print outs and various other materials are about 500 to 600 lbs worth. “Ship it!” she said. (Yes, someone did.) Well, as we are yet ot raise funds other than our own, $1,000 in shipping fees is a bit high. Besides, I can think of 1,000 other ways to spend $1,000 dollars for Haitians that would be much more fun. Logistics, and finances are all in God’s hands, but spending $1,000 on shipping is not in mine.

Our translator is working on the visa he will  need to take a flight that connects in the US – after September 11th, just traveling through a U.S. airport requires a “C1” visa.


To work interfaith is challenging – to be a presence and ministry amongst some who see Christianity’s “exclusiveness” as a snobby, self righteous, hateful religion – it takes grace to minister effectively. It takes grace to be a witness of love that points out, in their “inclusiveness”, they “exclude” fundamental, evangelical, born again, (however you like to state it) Christians. However, we live in the age of grace, and God in His infinate wisdom knew that the time would come when much of the church would be more wrapped up in thier programs, and processes, than in social justice that shouts the name of Jesus in actions, and not just words. Very much resembles the church of Jesus day, doesn’t it? He was busy doing good works of social justice and he was persecuted for “working” in the Sabbath or hanging out with sinners. Who are you “hanging” with?

“But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves” James 1:22

I spent the week among the dying and the broken, the scared and the lonely, the lost and the found. It is always sad – it is always humbling. It always makes me love Jesus more, and I it rare that I do not weep on the way home from the hospital for a groaning creation.


It is difficult to hold to wear the many hats that I am wearing right now, and once I get through the next 2 weeks, my second degree is on hold. The plans of God are not always our plans and he is causing things to happen in spite of us. Dave and the children come first, so college goes for now. The work of the Lord outside the home comes next, since home is still my #1 call and priority. He will work all things for His purposes.


I am purposefully, intentionally, falling more in love with the Lord of the work – being very careful not to get more caught up in the work of the Lord. He has a plan for all of our lives, but it begins with us. The things I do in Haiti, Hospital, or Home, for Jesus, are more about my being conformed to His image, made like Him, sanctification – than it is to “conforming” others to the Christian faith. If I follow Him closely, He will do the work in the lives of those around me, in spite of me. He is the Lord of Haiti, the Lord of the Hospital, and the Lord of my HEART.

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?”

We serve an awesome God.