God’s Plans and Words

Today I was going to preach at an AG church and had my message all prepared. I had been so overwhelmed by the needs here yesterday, but then the Lord spoke to me. He showed me that these Christians – the Christians of Haiti, are the faithful few. Jesus fed 4,000 and 5,000, but He only sent out 72, His closest companions were 12, those he took with him to pray at the garden numbered 3, but at the cross, only John is mentioned.  Only one.
He is RISEN. He is RISEN. He is RISEN. Back up to 12, increasing in the upper room as Pentecost explodes into 3,000 – and more. The gospel is propagated throughout the world changing nations – changing hearts. 
So I shared what God had taught me about Haiti – briefly.
David was pacing this morning before church, restless. We are sitting around a bit more than usual as we are treated so well we do not have much to do at our hosts home. (I am getting spoiled) I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “I am just awake and ready to move.”  I suspected that something more was going on – I had seen that look before. 
During worship (which was loud, joyous, and awesome!) the Lord spoke to me, “I have not seen such faith in all of Israel.”  I looked it up and realized that David had mentioned the Centurion to a Haitian brother last night. I whispered to him, “Do you have a message?” and I saw that look again. He replied that he did, but he was waiting to see if it was God. I asked him if he had the half an hour sermon prepared, and he replied, “Oh, I can easily go half an hour.”  For those who know Dave – a man of few words, and one who does not like to preach often, I knew this was God and I told the church so.  He taught from Ezekiel 34. He told the Haitians that they needed to take back the land and be leaders, in all things – politics, business, and neighborhoods – to be salt, to be a light. That Jesus is the ONLY hope for Haiti. He taught from Jeremiah, and Micah.
It was a blessing to the hearer, and we were also blessed.
I was asked next Sunday to preach at a church of 2,000. I will be praying about what to teach, but more importantly, I will be praying about who should teach. I may be the “Ordained Pastor”, but David may have the Word for Haiti.
Tomorrow – day one of our Seminar. Pray for productive days, for clarity in teaching, and that the healing that has begun in many, will continue with a new understanding of how to serve each other in pain and crisis.  Please pray for me for strength – for both of us – we need it.

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