If you see a brother have need….Does the love of God dwell in you?

Today is one of those days where I have taken in so much, and I just need to process it all. I gave my lunch to a hungry school girl. As I watch the people, I notice how many go without to give to someone with less. 

Pastor Daniel was missing for a few minutes and came back and apologized. He said that he had to take care of someone who had come; they had missed the breakfast that is served before the program, and were feeling faint, so he left to quickly get him some food and drink. I told him that was very nice thing to do, that he was a good man and he humbly replied, “I am a Pastor, it is what we are supposed to do.” 

This is what I see among the Christians here. They really try to help each other. This is a nation that gives as the widow – their last two mites. They gave out of their great need –  not just their need. Certainly not out of their abundance. I am honored to think that of all the people God could have used to be here this week, he chose us to serve. I am glad that we gave out of our need, and not our abundance, for the need of most Americans is over abundance, and we are guilty of that as well. Merci Senor. Thank you Lord.

The children rush up to the car to wipe the dust off. They all need money, they are not in school. My heart breaks to give to them all, but we can’t. I see this pains those I am with as they drive as well, but they can’t help everyone. The compassion flows from the hearts to do what can be done, and it has set an example to me. I constantly remind myself about the Starfish – I have to remember my Starfish.

This man comes every day with his baby. He is dedicated to learn, thankful and loving and attentive Dad. The baby has never cried. I really am blessed by his dedication. Tomorrow, I want to hold his baby much more to show him how much I appreciate his commitment. Tomorrow they are having a closing ceremony and the executive committee is giving out certificates.

People want us to return. I want to return. Before I came, I never imagined I would have so much FUN with my brothers and sisters here.  Today Daniel jokingly said they would change the constitution so I could run for president.

Pictures are taking too long to upload tonight.

Please pray for the people of Haiti. Pray for me tomorrow as I say goodbye to the 200+ people at the training – many who I may never see again, and ALL of whom I will miss.

2 thoughts on “If you see a brother have need….Does the love of God dwell in you?

  1. Dear David and Jamie, God is so Good isn't He! I love following what is happening to you and in the work the Lord is performing in the people there. May He ever be glorified. I pray everyday for you, my friends, and am happy to read all the words you write. Do take some time to tell me about the starfish? Your friend and sister forever, because of Jesus! Meredith


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