Beyond Words

Dave was agitated last night. I knew it was emotion welling up and gave him space. Self-care – the thing we teach but lack for ourselves at times. This morning I was pacing in the yard as I praised the Lord with my  “i-phone.” Dave heard the music and had to leave to gather himself together. I prayed for him as we waited. On the way to the church he broke down weeping in the car. I had been telling the people all week that there is healing and strength in emotion – that Jesus wept, Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet, King David was filled with emotion throughout the Psalms – and that my husband is the most Christ like man I know because of his selfless love and compassion.

When we got to the church we got busy, and they sang the usual song or two. I told the people what had happened, and that our hearts were heavy. I wanted to sing some more. Pastor Daniel has become a true friend this week as my voice in Haiti, and he is beginning to understand my heart. He knew Dave’s heart was heavy. He knew just what we needed and led in praise, calling up some of his friends to help. The praise lasted for two hours as more songs were sung, and individual pastors kept coming up to dedicate a song to the “missionaries.” I wept,  laughed, sang, danced like I have never danced before, laughed and sang, and wept some more. The hugs, the thanks, the smiles, the love – I never would have imagined that in 5 days I would feel such love and connection for people we have never met before.

Over and over we were asked when we are coming back to teach them more, and a member of the executive committeed asked if we could help develop a chaplaincy program in Haiti. I am in awe. The words of thanks for Americans who sponsored them are filled with love, and Daniel has his work ahead of him in translating those, as well as their ‘stories” to bring back to America.

Others suggested we come back and go to the north and south of Haiti to train others.

I had to explain again that we need missions support – real missions support to be able to come back and continue to train them. I don’t know what God has – but I pray it includes Haiti – and soon.

240 people attended, and I must have gotten close to 200 warm hugs and kisses of thanks.

At the end we were given two lovely souvenirs of Haiti, and I had just mentioned to David on the way to the church I wanted to get something, but did not want to spend money on it. Delight thyself in the Lord…..

Pastor Calixte -the Superintendent, told the people he thought it was a great sacrifice for us to come, but that when he learned we had come with money borrowed from our house, he was overwhelmed at our sacrifice. We told them we had a house to borrow from and that is so much more than most of them. He explained to the people that David had been out of work and in a temporary position and that the night we were leaving Florida – God provided a new job. The moving expenses we will get, as well as pastoral sponsorships will cover this trip. I had been thinking about how Dave needs a new car and had asked him if he regretted spending all of our money to come to Haiti. He had said, “No, this is a good thing we are going to do.” God has rewarded my husband for his faithfulness. Thank  you Lord. The very night we were leaving – as hectic as it has been for Dave to sign contracts from Haiti, but God has moved.

At the end of the service, the Executive Committee gave us an honorary plaque for our “contribution to the development of Pastoral Leaders” of which we are honorary leaders (or something like that) in the Assemblies of God in Haiti – Les Assemblies De Dieu En Haiti.The man all surrounded Dave and sang and prayed over him. Then they gave out 220 or more certificates of completion.  (People took pictures but I don’t know who.) I wept. What else is new?

One of the most amazing moments came from one man. Daniel is Church of God, and his very good friend is Church of God as well. This brother ( I can’t spell his name right now) was early on Monday and sat in the front row. His eyes were filled with pain, but there was a softness in them – there was something that drew me to him. I did not know he was a friend of Daniel’s until Tuesday, but when I taught on Monday, he was absorbing everything, thankful for the words and very open and honest. I felt completely connected to him – again not knowing he was Pastor Daniel’s friend.

Today he told us that he had been praying for David before we came. That he had told Daniel that David was upon his heart to pray for him. I was in awe at the goodness of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit, for this mans heart reminds me of Dave. I knew that many at home in the US were praying for us – but how marvelous and humbling to know that the people of Haiti (and many others told us they were praying to) were praying as well.

I sit now hearing again the orphans next door singing praise songs to Jesus. Songs that I now recognize. Haiti is FILLED with Christians. My life is changed, my heart again broken, to be restored in joy.  I miss my family and will be happy to hold my children again but it will also break my heart to leave Haiti and the people who have captured me with their love.

As we were driving home this evening we were discussing the need to get rid of the cows. They have been a nuisance to our children who are watching over our home in our absence – getting out due to the snow, carrying frozen water buckets….I told Dave that I had to believe that as God is confirming His word in us being here – in his provision for a job – that when I get home we would sell the cows. Just now, as I was writing this blog, I had a man whom we purchased one Dexter email me to ask if we still had our cows and if we wanted to sell.

Now, we have had several buyers back out – we have not been able to give them away – but somehow, I know that God is in this – our cows will go in Jesus name. God is confirming His word. Thanks be to God. All because we hearkened to the voice of the Holy Spirit in obedience to His word. We have been through the fires to see what fire really is – here in Haiti – and now God is blessing us to serve others in His name. Hallelujah.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Words

  1. Thanks Jamie and Dave!! We love and miss you! I have been praying for you daily, and will continue to do so as you venture back home! Love you both so VERY much! Thanks for sharing daily, it was really inspiring and encouraging! xoxoAmanda


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