Be Careful What You Pray For – Happy Anniversary David

Be Careful What You Pray For – Happy Anniversary David

Happy 28th Anniversary – Visiting Mission of Hope

Today is David and I’s 28th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Dave. You make me whole.
David and I spend out anniversary visiting Mission of Hope, Convoy of Hope’s partner in Haiti. Mission of Hope is a lovely complex, clean, well built but simple structures that offer a feeling of openness and hope, as their name implies. The complex is much larger than I expected and has many buildings. They have a nice open eair church, and even a playground and a basketball court where we stopped to compete for a few minutes of basketball. None of the men were putting it in the net and I was hoping to show them up when Pastor Daniel  *FINALLY* put it in the net. 
A small part of MoH
Even though Mission of Hope has only been here about 13 years, it is obvious they are called of God to provide the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, and He has provided for them. The directors were warm, welcoming and Christ filled. 
They have several ministries here, an orphanage, evangelism, medical, feeding, school etc.  They have a team here doing prosthetics for those who lost legs and feet in the earthquake.  It was a privilege and blessing to see the work that MoH is doing here in Haiti. 
The trip to MoH was another one of contrast – country tents and poverty across the road from breathtaking blue seas and mountains in the distance.  Tourism would thrive here if the country had a political system focus on development, and we are praying that the next president provides that. 
 I’ve been trying to catch some smiles of all my friends by candid footage this week – easier said than done.  This blurry image was my feeble attempt at getting Pastor Daniel to laugh and catch it at the same time.  It is not difficult to get him to laugh, and Dave and I are having fun with him, but it is difficult to catch it. (You reading this Pas?)  
Once again today, he was invaluable as a translator; I want to be part of this wonderful experience and without a speaking or understanding what is said, that would not happen. I am going home to learn Creole for the next trip – just a few more phrases and some understanding would help me. I told him that I would not let him know that I understand Creole and then I will catch him when he thinks I don’t know what is being said. That would be awesome!
As we were driving back from MoH, Dave reminded me of how often we have a spoken about spending an anniversary on a tropical island in the absence of ever having a “honeymoon”.  Here we are on a tropical island for our anniversary. Not exactly the sipping fruit cocktails by the beach that I had imagined, but we are quite happy with the Lord’s sense of humor in answering prayer.  We would not trade the friendships we have made or the people we will miss so dearly for all the tropical paradises in the world; they have become our family in less than two short weeks. 
We had Domino Pizza (yes Domino’s is here!) and cold cokes (I love coke with Pizza) as a celebration, and broke into our Milanos and Oreos from last night. 
There was lots of laughter – we find our friends love to laugh, and those who know us also know that laughter wins our hearts. 
Everyone is helping me with my Creole and gets a good laugh over my speaking to David in Creole as well. Occasionally Daniel will forget and translate English for me into – well -English!  
We had intended to visit a family or two that was living in a tent city upon our return, but I have found that exhaustion is beginning to hit hard. Traffic and the conditions of the roads are always difficult, and travel can take twice the time you think it will. We left home at 1:35 in the morning on the 3rd and we landed with our feet moving. They have not stopped moving since.  We both needed a rest. 
Tomorrow we head back out past Mission of Hope to visit the beaches with Pastor Calixte and Guirda, and we are hoping to meet with Violet for a cup of coffee on the way home. 

 God has a plan for Hesed Hope and we simply have to trust and obey the call; and I am thankful that plan includes Haiti.


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