Wap Toujou Nan Ke m. " I’ll Hold You in My Heart "

Believe it or not, she is my little friend, but likes to play hard to get sometimes.

But I will hold many in my heart very tightly. Other than my family and a few close friends in the US, I have never held so tightly or loved so deeply. (And I am trying not to sob as I write) My Christian brothers and sisters here have captured my heart; they have captured David’s as well and we have both shed tears over leaving our new friends.
 Pastor Calixte and Guirda, whose love and hospitality is the salt of the earth. They have become fast friends – examples of those who give of themselves as spiritual leaders to so many. Guirda, who is always making others feel welcome, feeding and caring for them as her own, tirelessly working to see that everyone is content.  Pastor Calixte, whose laughter is contagious and makes even David want to speak Creole to understand his wit, and wisdom, when he preaches. He is a shining example of an overseer of the flock entrusted into his care – and his kind heart breaks for those he cannot help.  
It would be so easy for many to get hard at the endless and overwhelming pain and poverty, but not this dear couple who love deeply and care for each, one (starfish) at a time. They have suffered tremendous pain – all here have, but they help other tirelessly putting themselves behind the people of God to serve. I have learned so much from them. Thank you my friends. You have taught us much in a very short time.
We will remember the warmth and love of Pastor Joseph – who told us he has family in America. When I asked him about it he replied, “I have two family. You and David. When you are the family of Jesus, you are true family.” David is especially touched by Pastor Joseph. May God bless you with joy unspeakable in your new marriage Pastor Joseph. 
Pastor Joshua whose energy is contagious, and his quick smile makes us feel joy just to see it. He loves to praise the Lord in dance and song and you can’t help but join in him in joyful celebration.  We look forward to worshipping with you again my friend. 
Jeff is always willing to help out in the big and the small matters and excited to tell you about what he can do to help. He is a bit of a computer whiz and was invaluable to us a few times.  An example of a young man whose joy is his strength, and whose testimony is strong.  
Pastor Simone, we will not forget his church that has grown to over 2,000 at one service since the earthquake, and he has 3. May God provide what you need to expand your building. Thank you for entrusting your flock to our care by allowing us to teach in your church and preach on Sunday. 
Cristilla whose adorable smile lights up our day, as she shyly giggles when I try to teach her English. Or how happy she was when we purchased pizza and realized it was for her too. (Pour me? Pour me?) Of course silly!  Her internal beauty radiates even brighter than her smile. 
Grandfather – whose smile and love for his grandchildren is evident. His joy in the Lord as he approaches  every task.  Thank you for making me hot water and your example of service.
The children of Pastor Calixte and Guirda, who have given us joy every day and helped to ease the pain in our hearts missing my own dear children, Sam and grandchildren; Jean Carl, Luis em, and Andalina. (I apologize for my spelling if it is incorrect.) 
And Pastor Daniel who has become a dear friend, and brother; my voice in Haiti, and my ears. David’s voice and ears. You have made our experience rich and we thank you for it. You are my staff in Haiti, a trusted co-laborer in Christ’s vineyard. I will miss you my friend.  M pap jan-m bliye – w.  
To my friends in Haiti –  Mesi Anpil!   I will see you soon –  si bondye vle. 
Until that time, M pap jan-m bliye-w. 

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