The Inevitability of Change

Life and Loss

Levi at age 13, and Comar now deceased.

Life is fluid. God designed us to be continually moving forward and changing. There is a commercial on television for an arthritis medication that states, “A body in motion stays in motion.” So it is with our spiritual bodies – we need to keep moving forward to grow in grace – to be more like the One who has called us by name.

My kids used to get “growing pains” when they were young and though I never recall having such a thing – David said he got them as a child as well. My growing pains have always been more emotional than physical bringing about a different kind of growth. Even as a child I had to face if I would let the pain and hurt get me down, or if I would survive and still love. God created me to choose love – it is to Him I give thanks for loving deeply.

The picture above is my youngest biological child, Levi, now age 18.5. Levi is enlisting in the Air Force in July and this picture remains one of my favorites of Levi and a devoted companion; Comar was killed by a car when he got out of our home one night 4 years ago. It is a stark reminder of how fluid life really is as I face the prospect of my youngest biological child leaving very soon; a new era is about to begin and quite honestly, I am simply not ready for it. We still have Samuel at home who will be 14 in June, but the raising of our large biological family has come to an end and life has moved on without me – ready or not – here I come.

So, this new season comes with many changes in life, in ministry focus, ministry name, direction, physical health, a few more (OK, MANY more) wrinkles and gray hairs. The bible tells me that with gray hair comes comes the hope that the burdens God has given me for the church in compassion and transparency will be a blessing to others. That this second season of my life will be one where I can continue to serve my children as they serve their children. Maybe God will even grant me long life and I will get to see my children’s, children’s, children.

And if I can handle the new format – a new WordPress to be able to journal my life’s tapestry that may just encourage some other woman out there that God has a purpose and plan for your life amidst the changes.