“Not Responding”

ImageMy lap top hasn’t been working right since one week after the purchased, extended warranty, expired. I wonder if it is a coincidence? Either some higher (or lower) power is testing me again, or I am beginning to believe that manufacturers intentionally design things to last one week beyond the warranty period. It is very difficult to keep a ministry functioning, a blog, and begin my courses with a computer that constantly says to me, “Not Responding”  as I watch the little circle, spin, spin, spin, spin…

Do you think God feels that way?

“Dear One, I love you and to prove that love I died for you to give you real and lasting life; I would like for you to love and trust me in return.”

“Not Responding” spin, spin, spin. “Not Responding” spin, spin, spin.

He has given us a great country where we are not being slaughtered for our faith (whatever that faith may be), homelessness, job satisfaction and hunger are not predominant problems (if you think they are, do some research)…homes, cars, televisions, recreation, vacations, etc. etc. etc. “The American Dream.”

The American Dream isn’t what is used to be, we all realized that.  I have picked up a second job just to pay some bills – no extras, just the basic housing and food type stuff. I am often tempted to complain (and more than tempted admittedly) and question God. I mean really God, how can I run a ministry without a properly working computer.

“Not Responding,” spin, spin, spin, spin.

Dave (my husband) has expressed sometimes feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel – running with all his might but not getting anywhere.

All He wants us to do is stop running and start believing. Stop running and start being thankful. Stop running and respond to the love and grace that is always available from a very responsive God. We live in a great country and serve a much, much greater God.

It is all about relationship. I don’t want Jesus to see in me a spinning circle and a message that says, “Jamie is not responding.”  I know when I see him clearly – I mean when I really look in his eyes, Jesus is always laughing with me, “You silly girl, I’ve got your back. Would ya just relax? I love you even when you are running so hard and fast your ribs show; when you forget I am the living water and the bread of life. Even when you are are not responding. Especially when you are not responding; that’s when I pursue you the most.”

Jesus, you are awesome.

As for my new computer – God always responds.

Peace,                                                                                             Jamie

I have loved you with an everlasting love. Jer. 31:3