The Truth Latch

heartShe had a gaping hole in  her chest that often exposed her very colorful heart. Many people embraced the colors of her heart, but others found it offensive that she wore it so  openly; the colors of her heart were more than they could handle – they believed that her heart should be a more stable, solid, color like those around her. It should be less noticeable and blend in.  The mere exposure of her heart to the outside left it readily available for injury. There was nothing to shield it from the darts that often get thrown by friends and foe alike. Every time her heart was hit by an arrow, or grabbed by another, a piece of it was lost or injured, turning portions of it black. Pretty soon her heart was changed, darkened, and cut, by the pain of exposure.

She felt that to cover up her heart would not be true to the One who was fashioning it, crafting it, and molding it into the shape and colors He desired. It was difficult to try to live out the purpose that the Craftsman had designed, without leaving the heart exposed; so she kept it open, showing it to the world, and having the world repeatedly damage it. There were times that she tried to shut it up, not to reveal it, to close the lid and mark, “Not open to the public,” “Not open to the church.” “Closed for healing.”

“Why?” she asked the Craftsman. “How do I open this heart to those who value it, who need it, to see the fashion by which You created it, and created them? How do I let you fashion my heart, turn it into what you desire, the many colors you gave it, without having it be damaged by others?”

“Grace,” He replied. “And a latch that is fashioned by Truth.” “Your latch has been fashioned by Fear and so it springs open when it shouldn’t. The Truth Latch is fashioned to reveal True Friendship, True grace, True need, and True Love, and so it will only open when I will it to. ” The girl stared in wonder as a warm healing began to spread through the blackened and wounded parts of her heart. “I feel so safe,” she replied, but I am afraid I will continue to open the latch at my will and not yours.” “The Craftsman smiled, “There are going to be times that you force open the box, or the fears from your past weaken the Latch I have created, but over time you will learn to let me control it. Over time the Truth will be revealed only to the ones I choose for you. I have given you great Truth Bearers to surround you. They are True Friends and understand the workings of my Truth Latch. ”

“And the Truth will set you free.”

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