Written by a friend of mine who just experienced a “storm.” Good read.

The Critical Bard

You are the peace in my troubled sea (My Lighthouse)

Would call out through the rain, And calm the storm in me (Who Am I)

He can heal your wounded soul, And calm the storm inside (With Every Breath)

‘Cuz You’ll be next to me, You’re in the eye of the storm, And the calm of the sea (Let the Waters Rise)

Who can calm ev’ry storm, You are the only One (You are the Only One)

1195833_42992190If I hear another song about calming the storms in my life, I think I might vomit.  No really. I don’t do well on open seas. The only time I went deep sea fishing I ended up below deck (apparently not a good thing to do when you start to get sick). My brother joined me shortly thereafter, followed by my dad. Three guys, very green and very seasick. Horrible experience. I would’ve…

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