There’s a Reason For Everything

Good words.

The Critical Bard

5 Phrases We Christians Love To Sing That Simply Aren’t True

#3. “There’s A Reason For Everything.”

Songwriters use this phrase as a way to make sense out of senselessness.  “I know You have Your reasons for everything,” one song says, “So I will keep believing.” While the motives for saying such a pretty phrase may be genuine, we go too far in assuming that we will eventually see those reasons.


When a friend is going through a hard time, maybe a lay-off or a personal crisis, we try to comfort them with this phrase. “There’ a reason for everything,” we say. We mean to provide that person with faith in a sovereign God who leaves nothing to chance and purposes all things. Yet the result of our platitude is not deeper trust in God, but our friend now waiting to see “the reason” unfold.

While I wholeheartedly believe that…

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